We believe and affirm the following:

  1. Our governments are illegitimate and do not reflect the will of the people. Nor do they govern in our best interests.

  2. We do not have free and fair elections. Elections and political debate are hijacked by wealthy elites including the corrupt media.

  3. We do not have a fully independent judiciary. Political cases of high importance to the wealthy elites do not follow due process. So-called "anti-terror" laws are routinely abused.

  4. We are dragged into wars against our will. These wars steal resources on false pretence, create enemies (making us less safe), create waves of immigrants, entrench global poverty, and primarily enrich the arms industry. We refuse to allow our taxes to keep supporting these wars.

  5. Our planet is overheating and not enough is being done to urgently stop it.

  6. Inequality is growing and not enough is being done to stop it.

Therefore, we demand:

  1. The disollution of major political parties and media organisations, with new elections to be held ASAP in a new political landscape.

  2. The re-nationalisation of privatized critical assets including water, electricity, phone and data networks, roads and public transport. Plus the legal abolition of billionaires, with new laws ensuring that no one human being can control more than one billion dollars net worth.

  3. Commitment to abolishing fossil fuels ASAP and creating a sustainable planet. No more subsidies for fossil fuel companies.

  4. Commitment to genuine international partnerships for peace, with an aim to end all wars, to abolish all nuclear weapons, and to terminate the global arms industry.

  5. Commitment to a new era of government transparency, with archives made public and open government policies at all levels becoming the norm.

  6. A bill of rights enshrining basic human rights for all citizens, including affordable food and housing, plus free education and healthcare.

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Source: Author: @Jaraparilla Published: 16 Dec 2023