Post-logic Fascism

Since Donald Trump became US President we have moved from a "post-truth" world to a "post-logic" world.

It does not matter that global warming is real. So clearly it does not matter that millions will die at an inestimable cost. It does not matter than the invasion of Iraq was illegal and has achieved none of its stated goals, so clearly there is no reason for US troops to leave. It does not matter that the chemical weapons attacks in Syria were staged propaganda, so US troops securing the theft of Syrian oil is totally legitimate. All that matters now is endless profits for the oil barons who created these nightmares.

Fascism is here. All that matters now is brute force. "Power entirely for its own sake", as O’Brien wearily explained to Winston Smith.

Julian Assange used to think that if you could not only show people the truth but also prove it, they would have no choice but to reform. Look what they have done to him. Even the media hacks who claim to despise Trump have jubilantly cheered Julian’s nine years of physical and psychological torment. They are, in fact, part of the torture machine.

Look what they have done to Evo Morales in Bolivia. Nobody can honestly dispute that the most popular leader in Latin America easily won re-election for a fourth term but the US-backed military removed him from power anyway. Because they can. Protestors demanded an end to the coup. The dogs of war massacred them. Because they can.

Look what has happened in Chile and Ecuador. Brave protestors rising up, putting their lives on the line, and being cut down like poppies in a field. As the smoke clears, US-backed dictators remain in power, offering only enough concessions to maintain a veneer of legitimacy. That’s all the media needs to play along. And those who don’t play along are silenced and crushed.

Look what they have done to the Palestinians. Zionist settlements are "legal" now? Ha ha. Of course they are. So is murder. Words can mean whatever you want. We make our own realities.

Something slightly different is happening in Hong Kong. Millions protested peacefully against Chinese authoritarianism, but now the protests have been hijacked by US authoritarians. How long till Washington declares Joshua Wong the new leader of Hong Kong, I wonder?

Meanwhile in Britain, Jeremy Corbyn is offering a return to saner times. But he won’t win. Not just because the CIA and the British military-intelligence complex oppose him but because the UK election is neither free nor fair. Corbyn has already been smeared by the government-funded Integrity Initiative and continues to be smeared by the government-funded BBC. Never mind the rest of the corporate media who work hard every day to ensure that truth does not matter.

It was the same story in Murdoch’s Australia last year, and of course it will be the same next year when the USA votes to re-elect Trump or some other puppet of the ruling elites. Murdoch versus Bezos. Cholera versus gonorrhea again. Only the corrupt media pretend such elections are free and fair. Democracy is just another word.

Every now and then, of course, something happens that blows a hole in the official narrative. There are still a million unanswered questions about the assassination of John F. Kennedy, for example, or more recently the 9/11 attacks. But who cares? Only "crazy conspiracy theorists". The media just ignore it and move on.

So Team USA illegally invaded Iraq, Libya, and Syria to grab oil? Yeah, duh. What are you gonna do about it, punk? You think all your angry tweets and blog comments are going to make a difference? Hilarious.

Is Jeffrey Epstein dead? Did he kill himself? You will never know. The Mossad still have his tapes. That’s all that matters. That’s power.

Were the Skripals really poisoned with novichok? Who cares? All that matters is that Russian ambassadors around the world were expelled. That’s power.

Somewhere a brave whistle-blower uploads files and hits "SEND". But they are already watching her. She has already broken a dozen new laws. She will be jailed in secret and tried in secret and tortured in secret. You will never know her name. That’s power.

We are ruled by criminals, the media is totally corrupt, and facts no longer matter. Not even logic matters any more. People die, homes are destroyed, millions of hectares of land are burned, releasing even more carbon into the atmosphere, and that’s hailed as sound economic management.

Because if two plus two does not equal five - or whatever The Party wants it to equal today - then the whole damned scheme is exposed.

And we can’t have that.

If there is any reason for hope, as Orwell said, it lies with the proles. The protestors gathering on the streets all around the world today also wield some power. But are there enough of them to make a real and lasting difference?

Probably not.

And that may be all that matters now.