by Gary Lord aka @Jaraparilla - Feb 23rd 2024

Fascism is back on a global scale. Decent people everywhere need to mobilise to resist this extremely dangerous and growing threat.

Westerners have been shocked to see their elected leaders defiantly supporting the Zionist genocide in Gaza. For five long months now, most politicians have refused to even demand a ceasefire. How is this possible? We already knew that Zionist political lobbies wield a great deal of power, especially in the media. But now we understand why Western politicians keep supporting illegal US wars, and why they still fail to take serious action on global warming, why corruption and inequality are rampant, and why so many of our civil liberties have been deliberately eroded over the past 23 years. The masks have truly fallen. There is no way back for any public figure who has failed to condemn a genocide that is being broadcast day after day, in real time, on social media. Our elected leaders clearly do not care about Palestinian lives and now we can see that they don’t care about our lives either.


We must base our resistance on a proper analysis of the situation. Many powerful Fascists today will loudly insist that they are not Fascists (they lie routinely about everything, even to themselves) so let’s start with a simple definition.

Mussolini is often quoted as saying: "Fascism is better called Corporatism. It is the merging of business with government."

He never actually said those exact words, but it’s a fair summary of his thinking. Eisenhower defined Fascism as "control of government by business". And he knew a thing or two about Fascism.

When we look at the Western world today we see corrupt governments (with few exceptions) totally in thrall to business interests. War and fossil fuel industries are the most blatantly corrupt, but any large Western corporation can buy influence, dictate policies, and dodge tax. So they do. They may prefer to call this "Neoliberalism" but it undoubtedly amounts to business controlling government. In other words, Fascism.

Rising inequality, housing crises, the deterioration of public health and education facilities, the spread of wars and refugee crises, decades of failure to address global warming, and the obscenely accelerating wealth of the billionaire class - these are all indications of the failure of Neoliberalism a.k.a. "trickle-down economics" a.k.a. "the invisible hand of the market" a.k.a. Fascism.

Western political parties point to elections as evidence of a thriving democracy, but there’s no real choice when all the likely winners support Fascist or Fascist-lite policies. Anyone in the West who offers a real alternative - like Britain’s Jeremy Corbyn - is aggressively destroyed by the lying state/corporate media, who are also totally corrupt. Any foreign nations who elect non-compliant leaders (like Correa in Ecuador, Morales in Bolivia, or Imran Khan in Pakistan) face coups, sanctions, and CIA covert actions.

Some Western nations today are more overtly Fascist than others. Fascism remains technically illegal in Italy, for example, but Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni remains proud of her teenage links to a neofascist organization that praised Mussolini. Popular far-right parties in Europe include Austria’s Freedom Party (FPÖ), Spain’s Vox, the Alternative for Germany (AfD), Marine Le Pen’s National Rally in France, and Hungary’s Our Homeland Movement. Ukraine’s President Zelensky has of course been openly and disgracefully supported by mobs of violent tattooed Nazis, including the infamous Azov Battalion.


Clearly the single most Fascist state on the planet today - aside from the United States of America, which operates like an umbrella organisation for all the others - is the failed Western colonial experiment called "Israel". For many people this is deeply confusing; after all, Hitler’s Nazis murdered some 6 million Jews. But Zionism must never be confused with Judaism.

Zionism is a violent Fascist ideology. It has nothing to do with the Jewish religion, except insofar as it appropriates historic roots for justification (e.g. anyone opposed to relentless Zionist theft of land is labeled "antisemitic"). Many good Jewish people in occupied Palestine and beyond are vocal opponents of militant Zionism, which is a racist endeavour, and it is certainly not racist to oppose it.

The genocide in Palestine today has further split our world along a division that was clearly manifested by the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine. Vladimir Putin has repeatedly condemned "the neo-Nazi regime that set up in Ukraine after 2014" when CIA-funded Fascist groups overthrew Kiev’s pro-Russian President Yanukovych. Prior to that violent coup, US official Victoria Nuland said the USA had spent $5 billion on "democracy-building programs" in Ukraine. German leader Angela Merkel later admitted that the historic 2014 Minsk agreements, which brought violence to an end, were just "an attempt to give Ukraine time" to rebuild military strength. Putin rightly concluded that it was no longer worth trying to negotiate with US or European officials.

In response to Russia’s invasion, Western nations "froze" (stole) Russian assets and imposed sanctions. This only accelerated the most dramatic re-alignment of world powers since the end of the Cold War. Russia and China now lead the "Global South" in opposition to the USA’s "rules-based order", which is just another Orwellian term for "might makes right" lawless Fascism. Curiously, if you look at a world map of nations which recognize the Palestinian state, it is a very similar to a map of the growing Global South. African nations are now succesfully demanding that European troops leave their territory, and the US dollar is rapidly declining as the default world trade currency.


At the end of the Cold War, US military "hawks" convinced themselves that the USA would be the world’s solitary superpower in the 21st Century. The Neoconservatives even drew up a plan, "The Project For a New American Century". They claimed the only way for US citizens to be safe was if they had total military control of the world. There was just one problem: how could they get the public on board with this "pro-active" military vision. What they needed was "a New Pearl Harbour".

Personally I believe that both the USA’s 9/11 2001 attacks and the Oct 7 2023 attacks on Zionist settlements were false flags. Netanyahu said 9/11 was "good for Israel" because it would help US citizens undestand what it’s like to live with "terrorists". Fox News reported that a group of Israeli agents were seen dancing on a New York rooftop while the Twin Towers burned. The illegal 2003 invasion of Iraq, predicated on lies about WMDs, was what Nuremberg prosecutors once called "the supreme war crime". It became a template for more US attacks across the Middle East. Cui bono?

Western nations have been rapidly moving away from Democracy and the rule of law since 2001, with new "anti-terror" laws crushing our basic civil rights. Julian Assange has been deprived of liberty since publishing hard evidence of war crimes in 2010. New anti-protest laws have further cemented the drift towards Fascism. Australia has been locked into the deeply unpopular AUKUS treaty with the UK and USA. There is a deliberate pattern here. And now, with the genocide in Gaza, we can see this Fascist agenda laid bare.


Fascists today still celebrate the defeat of Hitler’s Nazis while applauding the genocide in Gaza. How is this possible? Because they have no respect for the truth; the truth can be whatever they say it is. And they have a trick to make that work; they always call their enemies Nazis and Fascists. The Big Lie still works; instead of admitting to your biggest weak ("yes, we are just like the Nazis") turn it against your critics ("you are all saying mean things about us so you are Nazis"). Always play the victim.

But today we see the true victims, lifeless children, their corpses scattered and splattered across the ruins of Gaza. We must hold the guilty to account. To quote Assal Rad:

"An apartheid state is not a democracy. Genocide is not self-defense. A military that slaughters thousands of children, then posts videos mocking them by playing with their toys, is not moral. Unconditionally supporting all of it is not a foreign policy position, it’s a crime."

Or as lawyer Philippe Sands told the International Court of Justice this week:

“The right of self-determination requires that UN member states bring Israeli occupation to an immediate end. No aid, no assistance, no complicity, no contribution to forcible actions, no money, no arms, no trade, no nothing.”

We can all see what is happening. It is up to us to put an end to it. Now. Because if we don’t, it will only get worse.


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